Snapchat to grow your business – Training

Training Course

Take your Snapchat Skills up a level by learning in an interactive, live setting with fellow beginning stage snap peers!
Are you tired of feeling confused & left out? Do you want to learn once & for all what all the commotion is about for yourself?

Join in the interactive co-creating community thru digital Live video meetings

Grow your skills with breakout groups of similar experience leveled peers to practice & learn with!

Not a chatter but still want the value, then follow along at your own comfort level live or via WEEKLY replay videos!!

Participate via video or posting to the comment thread, opportunity to collaborate

We respect your privacy and will never share a giveaway your data without your permission!

  • Do you know how many people are using snapchat daily?? Over 10 Billion!

  • Did you know as of today 18% of Snapchat users are above the age of 35?
  • Does your career target consumers anywhere from the age of 35 down? If you answered yes but you are not on Snapchat, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!!
  1. Organic Growth Hacking
  2. Ashley has been using Snapchat since starting her startup in social media because that’s where many of the experts in my field were… for her own professional reasons over the last 3 months and have spent hours and hours playing around with different strategies on how to grow her business.
  3. What she ended up learning was a fast track system on how to organically growth hack your reach! In fact, she even made the first ever Snapchat Movie!!

This is a perfect example of how the new social platforms like Snapchat can be used for B2B transactions, embracing warm marketing and dropping cold methods is the future of the relationship economy.

Some Expected Take-Aways

Ashley will teach you more effective ways to grow your business

Learn how to use social marketing and media to brand yourself and business online.

#AskAshleyK to mentor you on strategic ways to use social marketing to your advantage.

Live-streaming platform
Hosted through a live-streaming platform, you will be integrated into one of the most uncharted & widely used areas found in the MASSIVE amount of professional networking systems.
Whether you’ve never snapped before daily life or you been snap chatting with your buddies for years these courses for make it easy to understand HOW to navigate thru social data analysis and build RELATIONSHIPS across industries globally that actually bring VALUE to the table.
WHY adapt yet again to another social platform?? Because this platform is MORE than popularity contest & it’s NOT just a hot trend of the week on it’s way out…

Snapchat is here to stay my friends & whether your in B2B or B2C: if the main TARGET MARKET of consumers are under the age of 35 … YOU NEED TO BE ON SNAPCHAT!!
Snapchat is here to stay my friends & whether your in B2B or B2C: if the main TARGET MARKET of consumers are under the age of 35 … YOU NEED TO BE ON SNAPCHAT!!
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