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How To Use Custom Stories On Snapchat


Snapchat just dropped a bombshell of an update this week that some are labeling as a response to Facebook’s recently unveiled “stories” feature (which many claim is undoubtedly stolen from Snapchat’s longstanding platform). Snapchat is continuing to build on its innovative reputation, as it only recently released a new self-serve Snap ad tool, limitless Snaps and new creative tools, and its newest addition: Custom Stories.

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Who: Those ready to take on one of the fastest growing social platforms for professional branding.

Why: Snapchat is now the 4th most used app falling right behind twitter but ahead of instagram. Now is the time to establish your small business as a game changer and not a slow adapter.

What: Engage and interact with your consumers and reward them with prizes and incentives for them to engage back; both on and offline…

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